Energy efficiency solutions


The explosive increase in energy prices is reorganizing the market’s relation to increasing energy efficiency. Signs of this can already be seen with the surge in demand for PV and collector systems, but the use of mixed fuel use for heating has also grown by leaps and bounds as indicated by recent market information. Therefore, it can be reasonably assumed that the decade of frozen energy prices of „utility cost reduction” will be followed by years of rapidly increasing energy prices, which creates an explosive demand on the part of operators to increase energy conservation.

We want to serve this market demand with a complex service.


The employees of Qtics Zrt. and its qualified Partners are committed to promoting the implementation of both European Union and domestic energy saving and energy efficiency measures. Our services cover the inspection of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and electrical systems of buildings from the following viewpoints:

• operational safety

• operating costs

• development opportunities

• optimal energy saving

• use of renewable energy sources


Our engineers are independent, our company is impartial, we are not interested in the sale of products and the construction work, therefore during our work we strictly only care about:

• current laws and standards

• the rules of the profession

• your personal requirements


Our energy efficiency services for institutions, individuals and businesses

Optimizing energy consumption means using renewable energy sources! This is the best investment today.

• (instrumental) assessment and review of existing building structures ( heating, air-conditioning, air-handling, electrical and lighting systems) their performance, air pollution and their impact on energy consumption, in accordance with applicable legislation and standards

• certification of the energy characteristics of buildings in accordance with applicable laws and standards (issuance of an energy certificate)

• analysis of the annual operating costs of energy-consuming equipment (e.g. food and beverage vending machines in a hotel, refrigerator-freezers, large kitchen equipment) based on the actual energy consumption characteristics measured individually, recommendation for energy-saving use

• a proposal for the development of a more energy-saving system in accordance with local conditions, with particular regard to the use of renewable energy sources (heat pumps, solar collectors, etc.)

• carrying out economic calculations regarding the investment costs and payback period of the proposed systems, investment planning

• exploration of application and funding opportunities

• pre-planning, planning, design control, authorisation

• implementation, technical control


Design and certification of EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System

Our goal is to reduce the energy consumption, energy costs and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions of businesses of any specialty, size and geographic location. The system was modeled on the basis of the ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standards. ISO 50001 focuses on energy performance, not primarily on product quality and environmental impact, but the three standards are most often integrated into a company’s operations as part of a combined management system, so the mentioned aspects are all applicable.


Residential services

It is based on an energy saving service package designed for residential use, with which everyone can measure the energy consumption of their own home and set it to an optimal value. Our goal is to also create an interactive service, with which a self-development system would be built that helps to increase the number of consciously saving homes by sharing actual experiences publicly.


What kind of help can you or your company get from Qtics Zrt. regarding the new regulation?

In understanding the directives and regulations: our experts will help you trough consultations sessions and offer advice provided by the company. During these events our presenters detail:

• new requirements and tasks.

• in the application of the directives and regulations: the correct , accurate (within tolerance limits) measurement of the applicable EU regulation values and the certification of the measurement results

• in the creation of technical documentation enabling the internal design control of energy-using products or in the control and certification of its conformity

• in the establishment of the conformity assessment management system or in the certification of conformity


Choose us!

As a result of our work, annual energy consumption savings of several million forints are possible. The investment costs required for this can be expected to pay off quickly, this can be further improved with grant funds! Why is it good to have your energy efficiency assessment done with us?

• because our findings are based on objective measurements and calculations

• because our engineers are independent and impartial

• because we don’t want to force devices, equipment, and solutions on our customers

• because we keep the possibilities and wishes of our customers in mind as much as possible during our work

• because the supervision of the investment is a guarantee that the construction will be carried out according to the pre-recorded provisions.


Let us think it trough:

• the use of sun, wind and geothermal energy is free,

• the already high price of traditional energy carriers increases every year


We offer a complex service, because if required:

• we evaluate the planned investment according to the principles of optimal energy efficiency

• we qualify the contractors

• we check the contractors’ references

• we provide technical supervision for the construction


Why Qtics is the best choice?

• because our findings are based on objective measurements and calculations

• because our engineers are independent and impartial


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