Authorised representative functions


Assumption of legal risks connected to CE marking from the manufacturers, integrators and operators of industrial machinery, production lines or robot systems based on expert evaluations. As the declaration of conformity will be signed by the QTICS Group, you will bear no related risks. 


The requirements for the CE marking of machinery, production lines and robotic systems are contained in several legislations (directives, regulations) and hundreds of standards. 

The fulfilment of the requirements and the obtaining of the CE marking is the prerequisite of placing these “products” on the EU market and commissioning them.  

The CE marking must be acquired by the manufacturer, the integrator or in certain cases the operator of the equipment if they bear the manufacturers’ liability, as in the case of significant modifications. In such cases, they must issue the declaration of conformity, which involves legal responsibility for the CE marking of the equipment.  


Also, the manufacturer, the integrator or in certain cases the operator of the equipment bears manufacturers’ liability if they at least partly connect the control system of the given equipment, production line, robotic system (e.g. extension of the emergency shutdown function), or carry out significant modifications to them involving new risks or affecting exact legal requirements. 



The QTICS Group assumes the above responsibilities and related risks if you opt for our authorised representative service.

The definition and duties of the authorised representative are contained in the relevant directives and regulations. 


QTICS Group as an authorised representative takes over certain task set out in the legislations prescribing the CE marking from the manufacturer or integrator of the equipment or the company putting it into operation. Accordingly, QTICS Group acts in the case of enquiries by authorities and bears responsibility for the accuracy of the CE marking of the equipment in question. 

In case of ordering the service, the machinery, the declaration of conformity of the production line or robotic system in question is issued and signed by QTICS Group. In addition, the data plate of QTICS Group with the CE marking will be placed on the equipment. 


The documentation required for performing the authorised representative tasks is usually provided by the Client, however, QTICS Group is ready to undertake the following duties if needed: 
• test or inspection reports in accordance with the relevant standards, 
• risk assessment documentation, 
• instruction manual, 
• wiring and mechanical drawings with parts list,
• softwares of the programmed or programmable safety functions
• original manufacturer's declarations, data sheets, etc.
• photos and videos of operation


The conformity assessment documentation must be kept by QTICS Group for 10 years and made available in case of a request by the authorities.


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