What exactly is digital medicine?

What exactly is digital medicine? This field involves the use of digital tools in the service of human health. Digital medicine refers to high-quality hardware and software products that support health research and medical practice, including treatment, recovery, and disease prevention.

Such smart devices are used alone or in conjunction with medicine or other products to optimize patient care. These accessible tools can effectively treat many diseases with accurate, reliable measurements and data-centric interventions.

These include wearable sensors connected to apps. Digital gauges, such as a pedometer, help track patient improvement after orthopedic surgeries. They can also be used in clinical trials, for example, to detect otherwise hidden health problems that arise, such as arrhythmia.

In addition, a digestible sensor embedded into particular drugs can show whether the patient has taken the drug. When mixed with stomach acid, the sensor transmits a signal to an external device that records the time of intake.

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