Opportunities and challenges conference

QTICS Medical Service Group, alone with SAASCO and MediKlaszter, is proud to have reached another milestone with the 4th Opportunities and Challenges - Compass in the Medical and Healthcare Industries Conference. The event, which took place on the 2nd of February 2, received a torrent of positive feedback.

The conference saw us present our portfolio for the manufacturers and distributors of medical devices. From consulting to testing, we offer a wide range of services. During the presentations in the Opportunities section, participants learned about developments in science and technology that can pave the way for innovation in medical devices. We also reported on the emerging trends in industrial development.

The Challenges section discussed some of the difficulties, experiences, and solutions to comply with regulatory requirements for medical device manufacturers. There was talk of legislative changes, particularly the 2017/745 EU Regulation on medical devices and the 2017/745 Regulation on in vitro medical devices. At the exhibition of medical technology innovations, we presented Hungarian medical devices and services by MediKlaszter member companies and domestic industry players.

The event highlighted the opportunities for cooperation between the Hungarian medical technology industry, the conference organizers (SAASCO, QTICS, and MediKlaszter), and the University of Obuda.



 Our joint conference with SAASCO and MediKlaszter, ”Opportunities and Challenges - Compass in Medical Technology and Healthcare", was met with great interest from industry players. Several presentations took place highlighting the dramatic effect of digital innovation in healthcare. An example is personalized medicine, in which Dóra Tihanyi from Oncompass Medicine addressed the issue of personalized digital therapy planning in cancer treatment.

In the field of body sensors and portable diagnostics, Attila Jakab from Spirocco delivered a presentation focusing on real-time heart diagnostics made available through telehealth systems.

Dr. István Sebestyén of the QTICS Medical Service Group delivered his presentation on the hemocompatibility tests of medical devices.

Meanwhile, the cybersecurity of digital healthcare was discussed by Jonathan Bodó of the QTICS Medical Service Group under the title of Cyber ​​War - Attack of an Invisible Enemy”.

Participants could also view the Medical Technology Innovation Exhibition, opened by Gabor Gion, State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance.  The conference received a torrent of positive feedback and reinforced an industry-wide consensus on the importance of cooperation.

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