Energy & industry


Industrial service requires trained personnel. We provide education and training of technical and quality assurance skills for construction, operation and maintenance of plants and equipment of energy, oil&gas, chemical, general production industries in the form that suits your needs: open, in-house or fully customized training.

Experts at Qtics provide overarching background knowledge of construction, operation, and maintenance to aid industrial services. Due to their expertise, our colleagues deliver comprehensive and in-depth information on relevant industry standards and expected changes.

By utilizing our thorough training sessions, your company can keep abreast of relevant regulations at all stages of production, prepare for possible changes, and adapt resiliently to current requirements. 

We provide comprehensive information on the standards and specific quality control processes relating to individual industry segments, all within the framework of your needs.

During the consultation, our experts will provide you with a comprehensive view of how quality assurance skills apply to the various interoperable and connectable equipment, plants, and systems. Eventually, we take you through the quality assessment process, how different certifications apply to products on the market today, and how you can obtain them.

We are authorized for the CE marking of industrial machinery as well as Technical specifications for industrial (co-)robotic systems (for CE marking) based on the standards MD, LVD, EN ISO 10218-x, ISO/TS 15066. We also provide machinery safety inspections (preliminary, periodic, unscheduled) according to the Occupational safety and health legislation.


Standard, legislation, guidance


MD, LVD CE marking of industrial machinery
MD, LVD, EN ISO 10218-x, ISO/TS 15066 Technical specifications for industrial (co-)robotic systems (for CE marking)
Occupational safety and health legislation Machinery safety inspections (preliminary, periodic, unscheduled)