Energy & industry

Condition monitoring and testing

Laboratory and on-site testing, measuring of material, critical components, devices, industrial equipment, their impact for the environment, the verification of energy efficiency is required both   authorities and is just common    sense. We provide safety and   conformity testing, or apply digital simulation, too.

Why do some products fail on the market? The reason often lies in the lack of early testing. If a company does not pay enough attention to the hardware testing from the initial phase of development, a product may need to be redesigned. 

While the lack of initial testing may seem like a way to save resources, these procedures always pay off by minimizing the risk of future issues. It is essential to launch a high-quality, profitable product.

In the design and ergonomics phase, many errors can be filtered out, such as whether toys made for children contain small parts or sharp edges.

Secondly, the testing of materials and coating is imperative, not only in terms of appearance, and functionality but also in safety and reliability. Thus, we can ensure that the product remains operational under different conditions. These environmental tests normally take place in an accredited laboratory, along with chemical testing, an equally important stage of development.

Another crucial aspect is endurance, measured by mechanical testing. Finally, user experience testing can be assessed by organizing focus groups to find out what real customers think about each feature of the product.

To get an accurate idea of the quality, companies need to summarize the information obtained during tests performed in different testing environments. Raw data can then be transformed into valuable information for further development.

Due to our vast experience and qualifications in the field of testing and verification, as well as safety and conformity testing, Qtics can help your business with the certification process in every industrial segment.