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In critical and heavy duty services both human and technical elements need to be trusted, objectively quality assured. Third-party certification for persons,  systems, processes and products is provided based on European and international accreditation, designation and notification credentials.

The certification process can be a challenge for professionals to understand. It is difficult for industrial service providers to navigate the maze of international conventions and professional standards. Moreover, these standards can change every year and expand with new aspects.

An awareness of the relevant regulations, qualifications, and certification processes is essential during production. Market expectations, as well as safety requirements, determine the means of development, manufacturing, and product testing. Today, critical services cannot operate without strict adherence to the highest quality standards.

Does this sound like a lot to grasp? Not to worry, the experts of Qtics are here to inform you about the current rules and guide you through every step of the qualification process to ensure safety and quality. We are qualified for product and personal certifications based on EU and ISO standards. Due to our vast knowledge and experience with the required qualifications, we can provide you with the assistance you need throughout every step of the process.


Standard, legislation, guidance


EN ISO 3834-2, -3, -4 — Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials (NAH) Product certification: Fusion welding of metallic materials
ISO 15614-1, -2, -7, -11, -12, -13 — Welding procedure test (NAH) Product certification: Welding procedures for metallic materials
2014/68/EU - Pressure equipment (PED), Modul A ÷ H - (NoBo 2102) Product certification - Full scope
2014/68/EU - Annex I, 3.1.2 - Pressure equipment (PED) - (NoBo 2102) Product certification - PED, Approval of permanent joining procedures
2014/68/EU - Annex I, 3.1.2 - Pressure equipment (PED) - (NoBo 2102) Personal certification - PED, Approval of permanent joining personnel
2014/68/EU - Annex I, 3.1.3 - Pressure equipment (PED) - (NoBo 2102) Personal certification - Approval of non-destructive testing personnel
2014/29/EU - Simple pressure vessels (SPVD) - (NoBo 2102) Product certification - Full scope
EU No. 305/2011 - Construction products (CPR) - (NoBo 2102) Product certification: Structural metallic products and ancillaries
ISO 9606-1 - Certification of permanent joining personnel - (NAH) Certification of persons: Qualification testing of welders
ISO 50001 - Energy Management certification Energy Management System certification
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO/IEC 27001, SCC/SCP, etc.  Non-Energy and Industry specific System certification