Consumer & IoT

Safety and usability testing

Laboratory or on-site measurement and testing of materials, critical components, devices, industrial equipment, their impact on the environment, the verification of energy efficiency is required by both authorities and just by common sense. We provide safety and conformity testing and apply digital simulation, as well.

Regardless of industry and application, product testing is a complex process with many pitfalls. Testing procedures are governed by several strict safety standards relating to the particular market, and regulations may vary based on the region and the industry.

Qtics can help manufacturers in various industrial segments to develop products that meet the relevant industry standards. We employ countless testing methods, from laboratory solutions to digital testing environments. 

Currently, we are qualified for product testing in the field of IEC 62368-1 (Audio/video, IT technology) and EN 60335-1 (Household) devices.


Standard, legislation, guidance


IEC 62368-1 (Audio/video, IT technology)

EN 60335-1 (Household)