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Serving people with safe products and software cannot be eventual. We provide education and training of technical prerequisites for CE marking, conformity of manufacturing processes, HSE aspects in the form that suits your needs: open, in-house or fully customized trainings.

IoT is a highly innovative, young technology, and therefore it’s no wonder that the vast majority of product developers are still new to the concept. However, learning about the Internet of Things provides expertise that will be useful in the years, if not the decades to come. Thorough knowledge of the field today provides a significant competitive edge over less digitized market players. But how does Qtics help education?

During the consultation, our experts will provide you with a comprehensive view of the connectivity and interoperability of the various devices and sensors. In addition, you will also learn how to interpret and systematize the data they provide. We clarify the function and the benefits of each hardware and software solution, be it smart devices or cloud-based applications. Eventually, we take you through the quality assessment process, how different certifications apply to products on the market today, and how you can obtain them.

Due to a growing number of cyberattacks, security is vital to any manufacturer. We place emphasis on evaluating newly developed devices against strict security considerations, making them as resilient as possible to external attacks. Hence, part of our education program is comprehensive safety and security training: we prepare developers for the potential caveats of security systems and how to avoid them. 


Standard, legislation, guidance


LVD, EMC, MD, RoHS… CE marking process, requirements, (sub)tasks