Consumer & IoT

Cybersecurity evaluation

With the rule of seamless connectivity (5G), sensing and data collection, AI-supported Applications & Products of the IoT category are obvious subjects of mandated validation of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. We evaluate cybersecurity under global (Common Criteria) and European (EU-CSA) frameworks.

Data theft can only be countered with strict rules and built-in security measures. The rise of cyberterrorism necessitates complex solutions, protecting bulks of sensitive information generated by companies and institutions. 

Newly manufactured products are subject to ever-higher quality assurance standards, mainly when applied in an IoT system over large networks with significant chunks of data.

It is essential for manufacturers to incorporate this risk from the development phase. The integration of safety solutions of the required quality is vital. However, expectations vary by region, product type, and intended use.

As an expert in cybersecurity solutions and relevant conventions, Qtics assists manufacturing companies by taking them through international standards and regulations from the outset. Adherence to these does not only save you from product launch issues but also helps by building customer trust and an international reputation.

Furthermore, Qtics is qualified to conduct vulnerability testing of various products, thus guaranteeing one hundred percent protection. Our company group is entitled to Information security assessment up to EAL5 level according to ISO 15408 Common Criteria. We also perform pentest and vulnerability testing according to OWASP Top 10 (methodology) and MITER ATT & CK framework.


Standard, legislation, guidance


ISO 15408 Common Criteria Information security assessment up to EAL5 level
OWASP Top 10 (methodology) Pentest, vulnerability testing
MITRE ATT&CK framework Pentest, vulnerability testing