Verification, safety and usability testing

Let it be a component qualification, a test track, or an on-site test arrangement for determining environmental, functional, or safety behavior, we provide a wide range of accredited evaluation, homologation related and conformity assessment services.

While it might be tempting for some companies to save money by launching a product before testing it, an undiscovered error can bear serious consequences and way more costs.

Drones are a good example of a complex assessment process since in their case there are numerous European legislations to comply with, from those that apply to unmanned aerial systems to specific parameters regarding EMC testing for the radio equipment.

If a company does not pay enough attention to the hardware testing from the initial phase of development, a product may need to be redesigned. In other cases, its launch may be delayed due to defects that could have been easily discovered. In conclusion, testing should be considered in the first phase of development to avoid delays and additional costs.

To obtain the CE mark for health, safety, and environmental conformity, goods are subjected to a markedly thorough conformity assessment process, in which a so-called notified body, such as Qtics must be involved.

We comply with MD, LVD, harmonized standards, allowing us to carry out CE marking and the safety testing of AGV systems, as well as IEC 62368-1, EN 4709-001 for testing and MD, LVD, harmonized standards or HU health and safety legislation for the safety assessment of AGV systems.


Standard, legislation, guidance


MD, LVD, harmonised standards CE marking and safety of AGV systems
IEC 62368-1, EN 4709-001 Testing
MD, LVD, harmonised standards or HU health and safety legislation Safety assessment of AGV systems