Infrastructure digitalization

The Trusted  Space concept assumes permanent sensing and data gathering related to people, various vehicle and infrastructure elements.  The analysis and synthesis of the huge data volume contribute to decisions for intelligent traffic organization, energy efficiency,  safer mobility culture. QTICS innovates conformity assessment services hereto!

Data can produce customer insights, drive business decisions and accelerate product innovation. It is the foundation of automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Though data holds great potential, it can also be your downfall. Unstructured and mismanaged data with no unified strategy is toxic to your company. The worst consequence of dirty data is the resulting lack of trust. Dirty data can lead to unwise decisions and pricey miscalculations, while maintaining it is a waste of resources.

With social media, consumer information, mobile devices, and IoT sensors, storing and securing this massive amount of data, of which only a percentage is valuable, can be costly for companies. Few know how to interpret the data they’ve collected. Challenges in this regard center on identifying high-impact data. 

Much like any transformation project, data clean-up isn’t a one-and-done project. A long-term vision is a crucial component. It requires a change of management framework to accommodate an ever-changing data landscape. 

Whether in intelligent traffic organization, energy efficiency, or mobility culture, our experts at Qtics are qualified to help your company clear up data, select and dispose of unnecessary elements and create a transparent infrastructure.