The automotive industry has always been a segment with one of the strictest requirements with regards to the qualification of its people and processes. We provide education and training of related norms, regulations and sector-specific quality assurance methodologies in form of open, in-house or fully customized training.

In recent years, the automotive industry has been revolutionized by sustainability efforts, paving the way for environmentally-friendly models utilizing renewable energy. 

These ever-changing conditions have brought about adjustments in various international quality assurance standards. Without a thorough knowledge of these, any development plan is doomed to fail. 

Additionally, Brexit has created new market conditions in Europe, and compliance with the new, different regulations is a lifeline for many automotive or drone companies. 

Experts at Qtics provide overarching background knowledge of the mobility segment to aid hardware and software companies before they embark on product development. Due to their expertise, our colleagues deliver comprehensive and in-depth information on relevant industry standards and expected changes.

By utilizing our thorough training sessions, your company can keep abreast of relevant regulations at all stages of production, prepare for possible changes, and adapt resiliently to current requirements. 

We provide comprehensive information on the standards and specific quality control processes relating to individual industry segments, all within the framework of your needs.